John Blazevich

John Blazevich - Pioneer in Sustainable Frozen Food Production

John Blazevich is a Southern California executive who most recently led ViVA! Food Group, a global food manufacturer and processor. The products that John Blazevich sourced from around the world included seafood from Southeast Asia, vegetables from China, and olive oil and wine from Croatia.

Mr. Blazevich founded and established Contessa Premium Foods, Inc., in the early-1980s and expanded the international food manufacturer to include frozen products such as vegetables, seafood, and convenience meals. In tandem with delivering quality products, he emphasized the value of environmental sustainability. The frozen food plant he built in the USA featured airlocks on the loading dock, flexible thin-film solar roof, and refrigeration systems designed to recapture and reuse all the heat the frozen food facility generates. Contessa's Green Cuisine factory is the world's first "green" LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified frozen food manufacturing plant, reducing daily energy use and CO2 emissions by 65%. Combined with their offset credits in Biomass energy, the operation is 100% carbon neutral. Using the same amount of energy, the Contessa Green Cuisine plant produces three times more units than a conventional operation.

Mr. Blazevich holds a degree in marketing and finance from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Active as a community volunteer, he donated the funds to construct the foundations of 30 homes for Habitat for Humanity's President Jimmy Carter Work Project held in Los Angeles.

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